Aloha Faithful Followers,
We got word that we’ll be on Pacific Warriors in the fourth episode “West Side Story” that airs on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 8PM HST. Please support us by tuning in or DVR it if you can’t watch it live. We can’t tell you anything about the episode besides what’s on the Discovery site, but we promise that we did our best to represent ourselves as positively as possible. Everything else is in the hands of the editors and producers.

Mahalo to all our sponsors and friends for your continued support!
Gareth and Kevin
The Uyeda Brothers

NEW Enjoy The Day/Uyeda Brother T-shirts

We’re going to have new Enjoy The Day/Uyeda Brother t-shirts for sale in our online store. They are dry fit shirts so they’re more comfortable, but may run a little more than our old cotton t-shirts.
Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Stay tuned for more updates…
*I try to be disciplined and work on the site and our videos, but I’m easily distracted.

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Lots of updates that we can’t show yet and we’ve been in a blackout for a while because…

We’re going to be on the new series on Discovery Channel called Pacific Warriors that should be airing in August. A baker’s dozen of us kayak fishermen/divers from Hawai’i will be featured on the show showing how we fish off of our kayaks, what we do with our fish, and the dangers we encounter on the water.

We’re not sure how Discovery is going to edit all the footage, but we had some epic days fishing and some hair raising/chicken skin days out there during filming. Stay tuned to Discovery Channel and keep an eye out for Pacific Warriors!

Fun Days On And Off The Water

Aloha to all of you!
If this is your first time here, THANK YOU for visiting our page! BIG Mahalo to all of our faithful followers and supporters. There are some exciting things on the horizon for the Uyeda Brothers and a handful of our kayak fishing friends from Hawaii. We want to tell you more, but we’re sworn to secrecy until it breaks…and when it does we’ll be splashing it all over social media and on this page!

We’ve been having fun fun days on and off the water recently. We spent a day with the Kaiona Boat Ramp/Hawaiian Braddahood Ohana recently and instantly felt like we were part of the family. Awesome people with so much Aloha Spirit that it chokes me up just writing about it. Respect the locals at whatever beach you go to and you’re sure to have a great time.

We’ve been pretty lucky the last few times out on the water and have posted videos on our YouTube channel. Click on the UB Video Link and check it out when you have a little time to spare!
Uyeda Brothers and the Whales
Ulua on Damashi (Bait Rod w/Light Gear)
Catch and Release “Thank You Jesus Day”
Triple Uku and Mahi Day

We’re supposed to be getting the 2015 Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Kayak (Trimaran) soon! We have plans to rig her up bigger and better than ever before! Stay tuned for updates!

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Long Vacation!

Dear Friends, Faithful Followers, New People To, and Everyone Who Got Here By Accident,

Sorry for such a l-o-n-g break from updating! I have no real excuse except the computer I use to update the website was broken for a while. I know I’m a computer guy in my “real” job, but like other people in other professions...I don’t want to do work stuff at home. Hahaha!

We’ve been fishing, rigging, getting married, having babies (Gareth and Casey had a baby boy in April), and taking care of other adult responsibilities, but we’re back to making videos and updating the website!

Check our YouTube Channel for our latest videos.

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More updates soon!
Kevin & Gareth
The Uyeda Brothers

Marlin Anyone?

Went out to Enjoy The Day...
Took a big strike and line started peeling off our Shimano Tiagra. We cleared lines and got ready for a battle. Little did we know that this battle would last over 3 1/2 hours and would tax our bodies to the max...and little did we know that after all this time we’d lose the marlin when the leader snapped. =(

Totally spent and depressed, we started our long journey to shore. We figured that we should run some kind of lure or bait or something on the way in, so we loaded two with a swimming lure and one with the PredaPro trolling lure with a dead opelu (mackerel scad). Minutes later our Fin-Nor OF9500 spinning reel starts SCREAMING! I look back and out bursts our second marlin for the day!!! Runs, jumps, shakes, and the battle is on again! At the 1 hour mark the marlin started doing circles and we thought he was done, but we were wrong. Long runs after seeing our kayak and we had to try to get back line inch by inch. Finally at 1 1/2 hours into the battle, we sunk the gaff in, grabbed the bill, and hoisted the marlin on our trampoline.


Happy and exhausted we started pedaling our way back to shore. Why didn’t we sail? As luck would have it the wind died out. This time we didn’t set any lines out...we were too exhausted to fight another fish. Got to shore and met up with Chris Paglinawan and Scott Nakasone who both graciously helped us lug all our gear to the truck. Thanks to Jason Hijirida for the PredaPro, Scott, Chris, the Paglinawan Family for helping us weigh and ice down our fish, and our wives for being so patient and letting us fish!



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We wanted to start this entry by saying MAHALO to Owner Hooks and Fishing.Net.NZ for all the hooks we won in their contest. Here’s what we did with your hooks the last couple of times out fishing...

First we were visited by our friend Tony...
...Yes, this is a real picture (screen shot from our video)...and Yes, I stuck my hand in the water with the video camera to capture the moment. Hahaha!!!

A while later this Mahimahi decided to pay us a visit...
SAM_0085 we caught her. Gareth battled her up quickly so Tony wouldn’t take a bite, but I got to get a picture with her. =)

Then we were lucky enough to get a second...

...and finally a third!

I guess all we can say is that OWNER HOOKS ARE AWESOME! Hooks used this day - Owner Mutu Light Wire, Owner Mutu Circle, and Owner Gorilla Live Bait hooks. From now on...OWNER all the way!!!

Much Aloha,
Kevin & Gareth
The Uyeda Brothers

Hooked Up!

Entered a little contest thing on The Fishing Website for some OWNER hooks and didn’t think anything of it until one day we get an email from Rebecca at Tight Lines telling us we won! Just received the package in the mail and opened it up to find $100 worth of OWNER hooks in there for us!!!!!!
Besides not getting to fish that much in 2013, this is turning out to be a banner year for us! Thanks to The Fishing Website and Tight Lines (both out of New Zealand)!

RIP Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS

Retired In Peace Sad Happy

Our first Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS spinning reel will be retired today. We originally purchased it from Roy’s Fishing Supply in 2009 for somewhere around $150. We have mixed emotions because we battled many wonderful fish with this reel.

Notable fish we’ve caught with this reel since January 2009...
194.3# Pacific Blue Marlin - 1/09/2009
80# Ulua (and around a dozen of his little brothers...most tagged and released)
Mahimahi (~35-40...lost count)
Ono (~15-20)
Shibi (~6-8)
Uku (~15)

Parts that needed to be fixed/changed in the 4 1/3 years we’ve owned this reel...
The Clicker Thing and Spring had to be replaced twice. SPECIAL THANKS to the fish who ran so hard they wore it out!

The Dog had to be replace twice. SPECIAL THANKS to the fish who slammed it so hard they crushed it!

And finally...the Handle...couldn’t handle any more strain.

We believe it has held up under the most strenuous test in the World - The UBTT = Uyeda Brother Torture Test. We sprayed it down after fishing...and honestly didn’t always wash it down that well. We did very little maintenance to this reel besides oiling the dog, greasing the drag washers, and greasing the gears once a year.

It’s time for it to take a well-deserved permanent vacation.
Rest In Peace Mr. Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS!